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You have 45 minutes to uncover a mystery in our detailed escape room sets, finding clues, solving puzzles, triggering high tech props and unlocking your way into multiple rooms! We offer 3 thrilling escape rooms at Horror Escape and we launch a new room every year.
We're a local business with a passion for creating immersive and thrilling entertainment.

Will you escape?

Our Escape Rooms

You've stumbled upon The House Of Occult while travelling Eastern Europe and enter looking for a psychic reading. Upon entering, the door shuts and locks you in with no escape. Madame Blavatsky is nowhere to be seen but you start to uncover tricks to her practice and slowly piece together a way out of her traps.

2-6 Players


As seasoned hikers from the area, you know better than to be out in the woods after nightfall. However, when attempting a trail more challenging than you realized, you have been lost in the woods after dark. Here, the trees have ears, the hills have eyes, and the dark has claws; the things that roam deep in the forest are out to play, and you look like excellent toys. You know that there’s an old hunters cabin out here somewhere with a satellite phone to contact a search party in hopes that they find you… before you too become one of the urban legends used to warn foolish hikers.

Can you survive the woods after dark?

Minimum 2 players, maximum of 6, groups of 4 recommended. PLAYERS UNDER THE AGE OF 15 WILL REQUIRE AN ADULT TO ACCOMPANY THEM.

This room contains themes of physiological horror, mild body horror, claustrophobic spaces, a small (2x3feet) crawl space players will need to pass through, uncomfortable atmospheric elements including the use of scents, sudden and startling sounds, and very very low lighting.


You’ve checked into an old roadside motel to catch up on rest. Upon entering your room you see that something terrible has taken place here, a murder. Soon you realize the owners of Motel 66 are not only interested in your money, but something much more sinister. You better find a way to get out if you want to stand a chance at survival.

2-4 players

Survival Rates

House Of Occult
Motel 66
After Dark



Admission $27+GST
July 1 - Labour Day
Monday - Sunday 12pm - 10:30pm
Off Season
Mondays - Fridays 3-10:30pm
Saturdays & Sundays 12-10:30pm

523 Broughton St, Victoria BC V8W 3E2